That´s what we call a stamp!

Everyone knows airmailing – Wuppertal does hover-mailing! Three generations of suspended monorails hover through the city of Wuppertal. This is reason enough to release two special stamp-sets.


Untiring all three generations hover along the city. Back in 1894 the idea of a monorail was considered the devils work, but just three years later, the suspended monorail started its service. Train by train the orange-blue coloured generation GTW72 will be exchanged for the sky-blue generation 15. The monorail has lived through many stories and is entwined with the history of Wuppertal.


Wuppertals´ central landmark has been released as a limited-edition stamp-set, in two different versions. Currently each set is available for just 2,95€ at our Mobicenter Barmen and Elberfeld and also at Wuppertal Tourism.

Here you can find unusual gift ideas, nice keepsakes, amusing gimmicks and remarkable items, all relating to Wuppertal or our suspension railway.

WSW MobiCenter in Wuppertal:

MobiCenter Barmen

Alter Markt 10

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MobiCenter Elberfeld

Wall 31

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Points of sale of Wuppertaler Marketinggesellschaft (WMG):


Wuppertal Touristik City-Center

Kirchstraße 16

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Telefon: 49 202 563 2270


Infotheke im Rathaus Barmen

Johannes-Rau-Platz 1

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Fr 8-13 Uhr

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