if Design Award 2017 Kaiserwagen Der Puls Wuppertals Historie Kaiserwagen

Our suspension railway

Many of those who take their first ride on our suspension railway are accompanied by happy excitement, a smile on their lips, and a slightly raised pulse. The more journeys one takes, the less the excitement, of course; but one thing stays: the smile! A journey with the "Old Girl" of Wuppertal is something special. The affection of Wuppertal residents for their landmark is also very special. On the following pages, you can find everything you need to know, technical details, and tips for outings. 

But: Nothing can replace the feeling of floating on air. So get on board and give our suspension railway a smile.

From a bygone era

The most important means of local public transport in Wuppertal keeps the city alive and moving. And is itself always in motion. Although the supports and beams are still in the style of the Wilhelmine Imperial period, from 2015 onwards modern rail carriages will keep the rhythm of the city over the 13.3 km of track. The suspension railway will thus remain deeply rooted for another 100 years in the hearts of Wuppertal's population, and of all those who have ever travelled with it.

Wuppertal Shop

Here you can find unusual gift ideas, nice keepsakes, amusing gimmicks and remarkable items, all relating to Wuppertal or our suspension railway.