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Himmelblau - The book of the suspension Railway

Himmelblau - Skyblue

As an european joint venture our suspension Railway (Generation 15) stands for innovation, technological process and design of the 21st century. Experience the highlights of an unprecedented development on 228 richly illustrated pages: from wagon design, production and completion to the delivery to Wuppertal. The book is available at our Mobicenters and online.

Sister Suspended Monorail

On April 2018 the president of shonan monorail Mr. Hideo Otawari and managing director of WSW mobile Mr. Ulrich Jaeger met in the city of Wuppertal. The idea of the “Sister Suspended Monorails” was born.

On September 13 this idea became reality and was oficially celebrated.

Suspension railway closed down

The Suspension railway is closed down temporary.
Please use the „SchwebebahnExpress“ for your ride between Vohwinkel and Oberbarmen. The replacement transport stops at immediate proximity to the stations.

At central station (Döppersberg) all buses stop at the Bundesallee (B7). The busstop towards Oberbarmen is located in front of the business school (Handelsschule) below the Intercity-Hotel. Towards Vowhwinkel the buses stop at the crossing „Brausenwerth“.

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