Schwebebahn Buch if Design Award 2017 WSW-Move Kaiserwagen Der Puls Wuppertals Kaiserwagen

Our suspension railway

Many of those who take their first ride on our suspension railway are accompanied by happy excitement, a smile on their lips, and a slightly raised pulse. The more journeys one takes, the less the excitement, of course; but one thing stays: the smile! A journey with the "Old Girl" of Wuppertal is something special. The affection of Wuppertal residents for their landmark is also very special. On the following pages, you can find everything you need to know, technical details, and tips for outings. 

But: Nothing can replace the feeling of floating on air. So get on board and give our suspension railway a smile.

The new suspension railway - The Movie

Do you want more informations about the new suspension railway in Wuppertal? You can watch exciting movies at our Mediathek. Let yourself be carried away, from the beginnings of the 19th century to Wuppertals new “Blue Miracle”. You can have an exclusive look behind the scenes or take a closer look inside the new vehicles in our 360​​° video.

to the movie

WSW move: The Wuppertal mobility app

Bargain hunters, late risers, shopping queens - WSW move gets everybody moving. Wherever you go in Wuppertal, our new app leads the way. Discover its many helpful features: traffic information, an integrated ticket shop and a geolocation function which shows you to the nearest bus, tram or train stop. 


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